Paws N Behave, LLC

        Training is the best gift you can give!

Paws N Behave, LLC 

Welcome to Paws N Behave, LLC in Kokomo, Indiana. We offer puppy kindergarten classes, group manners classes and private classes to meet your needs.

 Do you wish your dog would:

         listen to you
         come when you called them
         stop jumping on everyone 
         stop dragging you down the street
         go potty outside instead of in
         keep those sharp little puppy teeth to themselves

         stop all the barking and digging?


When you got your new puppy or your new dog did you imagine nights cuddling on the couch, taking nice walks or hikes and camping, having friends over that don't get molested at the door?  Are your dog's behaviors frustrating you?

 Don't worry you have come to the right place. We can help your dog to not only be well trained but be a well behaved member of the family and community. I'll help you have the dog you've always wanted and have fun with them too.